About company

ET-Service Company is a commercial organization that has been operating in the supply of chemical pumps since 2009.

The main product range of the company is chemical pumps imported from the countries of the European Union. The ET-Service team was at the forefront of the development of barrel pumps in the Russian Federation, for a long time being the official distributor of one of the leaders in this industry - the German company Lutz-Pumpen GmbH. As it developed, ET-Service over the years became a dealer of several leading manufacturers of chemical equipment: Argal (Italy), LEWA, Jesco, VISCO JET (Germany).

The company's expert engineers involved in the selection of pumping equipment have repeatedly undergone internships with European manufacturers, constantly improving their level of competence.

Over many years of experience in the market for the supply of chemical pumps and independent conduct of foreign economic activity, the ET-Service team has gained significant competencies in such matters as:

  • Foreign economic activity (logistics, communications, customs)
  • supply of imported equipment (calculation and selection, certification, documentary support, supply of spare parts)
  • selection of analogues of European pumps
  • extensive partnerships with pump market participants
  • sales and customer relationship management

Currently, ET-Service offers the following range of industrial equipment for delivery:

  • Pneumatic diaphragm pumps IpexPump (Turkey)
  • jessberger drum centrifugal and screw pumps (Germany)
  • Chemical pumps with magnetic coupling and semi-submersible plastic pumps Argal (Italy)
  • EMEC dosing pumps (Italy)
  • VISCO JET industrial mixers (Germany)

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